What is microdosing cannabis?

Microdosing cannabis is consuming cannabis to the point of instigating a decipherable shift in awareness or feeling.  Microdosing carefully allows for this expansion just beyond the threshold of subjective consciousness. In this way microdosing assists in building self awareness and furthering personal growth.

Who should microdose?

Anyone who desires the psychotropic effects of cannabis, without getting “high”.  Although the high of cannabis is very enjoyable for many, for some of us it can be overwhelming and paralyzing.  Microdosing introduces the many benefits of the plant without the intensity.  I recommend microdosing for anyone who seeks to build awareness or is looking to “problem solve” without a powerful high.

Why microdose?

Cannabis is a very powerful plant spirit ally.  It is true that consuming greater quantities of her will open you up in powerful ways, as well as help treat many ailments.  However, as a self awareness and personal growth tool, I have found that microdosing is the most effective way to reintegrate the information you receive while working with the plant into the rhythm of daily life.  Along with intentional thought work, microdosing cannabis can propel massive shifts in perspective and actions that will enable you to create a life of true authenticity.

How do you microdose?

I have found that consuming .5mg - 2.5 mg of THC can be enough for some people.  This is a very small dose that is not readily available on the market today.  There are products that start at 2.5 mg and go to 10 mg that are considered microdoses, and this is true for some of the population.  If you can get these products, I would experiment with dosage, starting at the smallest possible dose you can take by splitting the recommended dose by 50 - 75%.

Depending on the product you use (strains of cannabis, delivery methods and concentration) the duration of the effect will vary. Repeat the optimal dose as needed to maintain the desired effect.

To microdose effectively over time it is imperative to abstain from consuming any cannabis for short periods. A healthy pattern is to microdose for 5 days and take two days off to reset the endocannabinoid system.  This has been reported by Dr. Sulak, a cannabis doctor and educator.  In my personal journey with cannabis I have found this to be accurate.

Here at Medicine Wheel Farm we are developing microdosing products where you can successfully microdose at the levels I’m describing here.

We are offering free products in exchange for feedback.

We are a state licensed cultivator and have been growing in Humboldt for 15 years.  We use organic, sustainable and high quality farming practices in the cultivation of our sun grown medicine.  It is this medicine that we use in developing the products we want to share with you.

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