Being of Service - Back to the Center of 'The Wheel'

You have a unique gift that is meant to be shared with the world.

When you show up as the person you desire to be you can then live the life you dream. 

This is the only way to works.

So many people try to find the life of their dreams first, hoping that then they will be happy.

But it is the other way around.

When you become the best version of yourself the life you desire will appear before you.  

This is because by becoming the best version of yourself you take full responsibility for your life. 

You begin to understand that it is your thoughts that create your feelings, which fuel your actions and create your results. 

You begin to settle for nothing less than what you desire because that is who you are.

- You are not waiting for the world to deliver your perfect life to you (entitlement).

- You are not blaming anything or anyone for your current position (victim)

- You are not indulging in overwhelm, doubt or fear (emotional childhood)

- You are not trying to control anyone else’s thoughts about you (manipulation)

You are taking full responsibility for the circumstances you are in.

Therefore, you are empowered to change it

You understand that overwhelm, doubt and fear are choices - and although you allow yourself to feel them - it is with the intention that those emotions won't control you and, ultimately, it's so you can then let them go. 

You know that you are not responsible for anyone else’s thoughts and feelings. 

If you are trying to control what others think of you, then who are you really?

By listening to Spirit, trusting in the power that your purpose provides you, taking Action and showing up as the person you desire to be your life becomes the Gift

Each and every moment is Valuable:

The Value you receive based on your self worth and the Value you create for others in how you Serve. 

This is you showing up. Period.

There are no breaks.  

No “making it”.  

No: “Now that I am _________, my work is done.”

My Dear Friend, your work has just begun.

Now that you’ve arrived you get to do the work that truly matters.

Let’s get started.

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