Discovering Your Truth - The North Direction on 'The Wheel'

What is truth?

Truth is what you decide to believe. 

Truth is not fact.  

Facts are facts. They are indisputable circumstances in our world.

What you make those fact mean:  your stories, ideas and thoughts - these make up your truth. 

You chose these truths.

Why should I question what I believe to be true?

Is what you believe to be true serving you?

Do you chalk up the results in your life to “just how it is”

Unraveling all the unconscious, programmed thoughts that make up your beliefs - your truth - is challenging, yes.  

But you already use all that precious energy justifying and arguing against what it is you actually want.

Walking the thin line between what is possible and every reason to believe it isn’t.

This gap is where you get to decide who you are and how you want to show up.

What is your Truth?

How do I know what is True for me?

You must open up to receive the Vision that Spirit has for you.

You connect with the Vibration that supports your Vision.

This is Intention

From here you take actions that create Power

This is Integration

Because you have integrated these aspects of expanded consciousness 

into this linear plane of existence through Intentional Action

You Transform.

You become lighter.

Your stories no longer hold up against your desire.

Your actions speak for themselves.

You carry less and create more.

This is your Truth.

Ok.  So then what?

This process I call ‘The Wheel’  has the potential to strip away any thought, belief or idea of who you think you are and how you think the world works.

To fully show up

and get out of your own way,

To take Action on something 

so outside of yourself,

To choose to believe an entire new set of thoughts:

You will transform.

What you are left with is your Truth.

It is this Truth that is your Gift from Spirit.

It is also the gift Spirit has bestowed upon you to share with the world.

Are you ready?

Next week I will be summarizing 'The Wheel' with a personal example.

I appreciate you reading and contemplating these ideas for yourself.

I look forward to sharing more, creating more and giving more.

Until then,