Matching Vibration - The West direction on 'The Wheel'


What is Vibration?

The oscillating, reciprocating, or other periodic motion of a rigid or elastic body or medium forced from a position or state of equilibrium. -

When expanded consciousness is accessed with the intention of receiving information, or a Vision, Vibration comes in with it.  

Essentially, Vibration is the effect you feel in your body when you connect to expanded consciousness, or Spirit.  

As Spirit offers information, or Vision, you receive a Knowing that bears Vibration.  

From here, Vibration activates a clarity of process. 

What does Vibration feel like?

Your physical body has a sensation which is often expressed as a full body knowing (goosebumps, surging power, instantaneous stillness and calm).  

As this sensation courses through your body, 

you are prompted to create emotions that support the venerable power of the Vibration.

How does it serve me?

Vibration is intimately connected to Vision and without it, your Vision would remain only a dream.

It requires Vibration from expanded consciousness to bring it to life.  

Vibration is the spark that ignites your desires.

Together, Vibration and Vision form Intention.  

Intention brings the What of your Purpose to the forefront of your consciousness.  

Intention is an aim that guides action.

How do I access Vibration?

You are in contact with Vibration already.  

The thoughts and, therefore, emotions you create to support Vibration will trigger the Vibration when those emotions are felt.

It is easily accessed this way because of our emotional bodies ability to create energetic pathways.  

Like neural pathways in the brain, the more they are used, the more they fire automatically.  

Because Vibration comes from Spirit, when you feel it you feel this expanded consciousness.  

But most of us do this unconsciously.  

Sometimes you feel really good.  

You can’t explain it.  

There is a euphoria and an expansiveness as you experience a lifting of your energy and an emotional waterfall that cascades purity, truth and connection.

I want to teach you to do this consciously.

This requires you to be aware of your thoughts and choose the ones that give you the feelings you want as you move forward in your life.

How can I harness the power of Vibration?

When you receive your Vision and access the Vibration that accompanies it it becomes yours.  

The way you personalize it and make it a part of your emotional body is to create throughs that support your vision.  

This, in turn, will create emotions that are born directly from Spirit.

Like you create thoughts, ideas and beliefs that support your knowing, these also support the feelings you get to have as you move forward.  

Vibration is the essence of these emotions.

By consciously choosing thoughts and feelings on purpose, you are creating an Intention that is connected to Spirit.

You become unstoppable.

You begin to know that you can do anything.

You become the Vibration.

What then?

Vision married to Vibration creates Intention.

Vibration married to Power (the south direction on ‘The Wheel’) creates Integration.

As you step into your Power you take action from this place of

conscious thought and emotion that flow straight from your Vision.

Integration means bringing the Vision into actuality by taking action.

Your Why is the integration.

You just need to love your Why.


Next week I will go into more depth on Power - the South direction on 'The Wheel'