Cultivating Power - The South Direction on 'The Wheel'

What is Power?

The ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something

To inspire; spur; sustain

I'll add to these definitions by stating that: 

Power is the result of action that we take based on an intention to achieve a desired result.

From this place of intentional action we cultivate power and build greater capacity to take further action.  

Where does Power come from?

Power comes from your desire to make manifest your vision on this Earth.

Power is the effect of taking an intention and integrating it with Action.

Your intention comes from aligning your Vision with the Vibration needed to fuel it.

This is your What.

Integration occurs when you take the Vibration and choose actions that support your vision.

What does Power look like?

Through integration you cultivate Power.

In this way, Power isn’t something you have, it is the effect of taking action.

This is ‘Stepping into your Power’.

It is taking the limitless potential that exist in the place of expanded consciousness and authorizing its laws on this Earthly plane.

This becomes your Why.

Why is this important?

You take actions every day.

For some of you this may be inaction.

This is still a choice.

Your actions are based on the thoughts you have and the feelings your thoughts create.

Your actions are a direct reflection of how you resist, avoid or respond to your feelings.

If you spend your energy taking actions to resist or avoid your feelings you are not cultivating Power.

However, If you invest your energy by responding to your feelings and aligning with the thought that is creating it you become empowered.

(Remember the mind is where you access expanded consciousness or Spirit.  It is also where all your thoughts, stories, belief and ideas about how the world works reside.  Through conscious thought work you keep this sacred space clear - and your ability to live a spirit led life alive.)

From this place you can take consistent action from a clear mind.

This cultivates Power, which will continue to serve you in creating the life you desire.

How do I integrate Power in to my Life in this way?

By staying clear on your Purpose, 

Harnessing a Vision,

Cultivating the energy, or Vibration, to support your Vision,

Setting a clear Intention

and taking Action.

By taking action in this way 

you embody the what and why of your purpose.

This opens you up to receive your Power.

It is awesome to take action from this place.

When you channel Universal energy in this way and align with your power

You can do anything,

I promise.

Join me next week as I describe moving your power forward through Transformation

and into Truth.