Receiving Vision - The East Direction of 'The Wheel'


What is Vision?

The ability or an instance of great perception, especially of future developments.

Where does Vision come from?  

Vision is a blueprint offered from Spirit and the place of Expanded Consciousness.

Vision comes into your mind as pure potential. 

What makes Vision significant?

Vision received from Spirit embodies limitless potential by virtue of the blueprint’s origin in expanded consciousness.  

As it comes into our own consciousness this potential forms a trifecta:

a knowing that creates

a vibration that fuels an

instantaneous clarity of a linear process.

This is Vision.

(I’ll go into each of these cornerstones in a bit)

How does Vision become a part of my consciousness or Mind?

It already is a part of your Mind,

But are you conscious of it?

You are already living out a Vision.  

Look at what you are creating in your life and you will see the results of your Vision.

If you want to create different results, you need to choose different thoughts that better support your Vision.

I’m asking you to question what you believe to be true and entertain the possibility that there is another truth that may serve you better.

Through self inquiry, compassion and curiosity you will develop the ability to be aware of what lives in your mind. 

This is Consciousness.

When you are able to choose what is in your mind - the landscape which is designed by the repeating thoughts you have - You will be more free to create your vision.

You become open to what Spirit offers.   

The Cornerstones of Vision:


When you receive a Vision you adopt a knowing that comes from expanded consciousness.  

Your mind begins to translate this knowing into thoughts, beliefs and stories.

Each thought that you choose and build around this Vision are what will make it so in your life.

This is how Vision takes shape and why it is often honored as a gift or unique skill.

Visionaries are willing to doing things unconventionally.

In Fact, if you are pressing up against belief systems, stories, thoughts and ideas that are in conflict with your Vision

it is an indicator that you need to integrate thought work into the process. 

From this place you can create new ways of thinking, and therefore living, that support your Vision.


This is how you know that something is alive for you.  

You feel it.  

Something is asking to come through you and you feel it’s power.

Will you accept this or resist it?

With thought comes feeling.  

When your consciousness integrates the knowing into your mind it automatically creates a feeling.  

Emotions can paralyze, shut down, and destroy Vision. 

They can also empower, motivate and inspire Action.

Really, it’s up to you to decide how you want to feel.

(I will go into Vibration more next week)


When you look at Vision from a place of limitless possibility there are no obstacles.

You may have experienced this as an insight, an a-ha moment, an epiphany, a stroke of genius.

It all becomes very clear.

From this place of clarity you get to choose supporting thoughts 

and the vibration to fuel Your Vision.

This is Intention.

Intention becomes the What of your Vision.  

You could say that Your Intention is the title to the piece of art you are creating:  

Your Life. 

Once again my Friend, it is imperative to know what is happening in your mind.


Thought creates emotion.

Your mind contains your thoughts: conscious and unconscious.

Your thoughts create a feeling: a vibration that you are either willing or unwilling to feel.

This relationship between your thoughts and your feelings creates an Intention

This is the embodiment of the blueprint you received from Spirit.

Why Integrate this type of Vision?

Vision creates the opportunity to get very clear on what it is you desire, your values and your thoughts.  In this way Vision fully supports your Purpose - Why You are Here.

When you receive a Vision from Spirit it’s potency is palpable.

Most of us don’t know that everything we need to bring this Vision into fruition comes in with the Vision.

We are the endless possibilities.

It becomes challenging when we continue to choose thoughts, emotions and actions that are counteractive to the Vision.

The Vision is just a Vision.

Everything else is in your mind.

All your beliefs, thoughts and stories about yourself and your life.

But when you examine the landscape of your mind through intentional thought work, you begin to notice the thoughts, beliefs and stories that live there and are on repeat. 

You can change these.

Either you change them from a place of empowerment or you continue to suffer with them from a place of victimhood.

You get to choose.

Vision is the What of your Desires.

So now the question is:

What do you want?