Water is Life

Running a farm insists that you get close with the Earth.  You must understand the rhythm of the seasons and the gift of sunlight. You must also understand the importance and the privilege of water.  If you are a compliant cannabis farm, you must also understand how to share this life giving resources with the ecosystem that surrounds you and is directly affected by your choices.  

At Medicine Wheel Farm we take this responsibility very seriously.  In the rainy season (October - May) we collect over 75,000 of rainwater from our 1,200 square foot metal roof on our shop.  This water, along with recycled water caught in our dehumidifiers equalling hundreds of gallons a month in the growing season (April - October), is what is used to water our cannabis plants.  Each plant is hand watered delivering personalized care to each and every plant.  We mix in compost teas and whole food sources for nutrition into our organic soil mix that was amended on site with all organic materials.

Farming 6 miles from the pacific coast is a brilliant challenge that requires a lot of attention and unique adjustments.  Why do we choose to farm here?  Because this is our land and our home.  We are raising our three children here.  This land called to us to heal it through medicine, community and visions of sustainability, joy and health.  The Universe would have it no other way. So while most cannabis farmers are choosing a much warmer climate where cultivating cannabis is more straight forward and, well, easier - we choose this again and again.  Our Heart and Spirit is reflective in each harvest.