Microdosing #1

I now know that I overdosed on cannabis most of my life.

I grew up in the central valley of California in the early 90’s.  Before I had a consistent connection with a friend who lived in Humboldt, I could only get my hands on weed that came from Mexico.

It was not quality cannabis.

The Humboldt Green was always an amazing treat and my relationship with cannabis really grew after discovering Her in this way.

This was the cannabis our Earth intended.

So for a few years it was back and forth using cannabis that literally fell on opposite ends of the quality spectrum.

Back to adolescence:

Purchasing and consuming cannabis was often a group activity.

And the premise was, “How high can we get?”

Often times, for me,  the result was not very fun - or productive.  

But I chose to believe this was fun and I didn’t need to be productive…so it continued.

Sometimes, however,  there was a different experience.

And it looked like this:

I was alone with my stash and stopped just at one toke.

Or it was a time of scarcity and there was only a teeny tiny amount between the group.

I opted to take the filtered smoke from my friends mouth.

And Held it in for as long as I could.

I felt it.

In a subtle, but transformative way.

I was labeled: “Light weight”. “Sensitive”.

What were these very pleasant and very introspective moments?

I was micro dosing.

I attribute these moments - fewer than I would like to admit among the slur of consciousness numbing experiences that were more common - to attaining the “sweet spot” that micro dosing can offer.

Where the ego softens and the conscious mind can look inward and observe.

Most importantly, the conscious mind can remember what it observed.

How wonderful and calm and peaceful it all was with just a small toke.

Then I would go back into pack mentality and smoke the joints and bong loads and go way beyond the “sweet spot”.

I was young. 

I did not know what I know now about cannabis; my own endocannabinoid system, strains, ingestion methods, etc.

I no longer overdose. 

In fact after taking a long break from consuming any cannabis I’m consuming again.

But just a drop at a time.