Being of Service - Back to the Center of 'The Wheel'

You have a unique gift that is meant to be shared with the world.

When you show up as the person you desire to be you can then live the life you dream. 

This is the only way to works.

So many people try to find the life of their dreams first, hoping that then they will be happy.

But it is the other way around.

When you become the best version of yourself the life you desire will appear before you.  

This is because by becoming the best version of yourself you take full responsibility for your life. 

You begin to understand that it is your thoughts that create your feelings, which fuel your actions and create your results. 

You begin to settle for nothing less than what you desire because that is who you are.

- You are not waiting for the world to deliver your perfect life to you (entitlement).

- You are not blaming anything or anyone for your current position (victim)

- You are not indulging in overwhelm, doubt or fear (emotional childhood)

- You are not trying to control anyone else’s thoughts about you (manipulation)

You are taking full responsibility for the circumstances you are in.

Therefore, you are empowered to change it

You understand that overwhelm, doubt and fear are choices - and although you allow yourself to feel them - it is with the intention that those emotions won't control you and, ultimately, it's so you can then let them go. 

You know that you are not responsible for anyone else’s thoughts and feelings. 

If you are trying to control what others think of you, then who are you really?

By listening to Spirit, trusting in the power that your purpose provides you, taking Action and showing up as the person you desire to be your life becomes the Gift

Each and every moment is Valuable:

The Value you receive based on your self worth and the Value you create for others in how you Serve. 

This is you showing up. Period.

There are no breaks.  

No “making it”.  

No: “Now that I am _________, my work is done.”

My Dear Friend, your work has just begun.

Now that you’ve arrived you get to do the work that truly matters.

Let’s get started.

If you want to know more about how I can help you end the push and pull so you can stay on track with your Big Important Life, sign up for a free 30 minute session.  The results could amaze you.




Discovering Your Truth - The North Direction on 'The Wheel'

What is truth?

Truth is what you decide to believe. 

Truth is not fact.  

Facts are facts. They are indisputable circumstances in our world.

What you make those fact mean:  your stories, ideas and thoughts - these make up your truth. 

You chose these truths.

Why should I question what I believe to be true?

Is what you believe to be true serving you?

Do you chalk up the results in your life to “just how it is”

Unraveling all the unconscious, programmed thoughts that make up your beliefs - your truth - is challenging, yes.  

But you already use all that precious energy justifying and arguing against what it is you actually want.

Walking the thin line between what is possible and every reason to believe it isn’t.

This gap is where you get to decide who you are and how you want to show up.

What is your Truth?

How do I know what is True for me?

You must open up to receive the Vision that Spirit has for you.

You connect with the Vibration that supports your Vision.

This is Intention

From here you take actions that create Power

This is Integration

Because you have integrated these aspects of expanded consciousness 

into this linear plane of existence through Intentional Action

You Transform.

You become lighter.

Your stories no longer hold up against your desire.

Your actions speak for themselves.

You carry less and create more.

This is your Truth.

Ok.  So then what?

This process I call ‘The Wheel’  has the potential to strip away any thought, belief or idea of who you think you are and how you think the world works.

To fully show up

and get out of your own way,

To take Action on something 

so outside of yourself,

To choose to believe an entire new set of thoughts:

You will transform.

What you are left with is your Truth.

It is this Truth that is your Gift from Spirit.

It is also the gift Spirit has bestowed upon you to share with the world.

Are you ready?

Next week I will be summarizing 'The Wheel' with a personal example.

I appreciate you reading and contemplating these ideas for yourself.

I look forward to sharing more, creating more and giving more.

Until then,


Cultivating Power - The South Direction on 'The Wheel'

What is Power?

The ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something

To inspire; spur; sustain

I'll add to these definitions by stating that: 

Power is the result of action that we take based on an intention to achieve a desired result.

From this place of intentional action we cultivate power and build greater capacity to take further action.  

Where does Power come from?

Power comes from your desire to make manifest your vision on this Earth.

Power is the effect of taking an intention and integrating it with Action.

Your intention comes from aligning your Vision with the Vibration needed to fuel it.

This is your What.

Integration occurs when you take the Vibration and choose actions that support your vision.

What does Power look like?

Through integration you cultivate Power.

In this way, Power isn’t something you have, it is the effect of taking action.

This is ‘Stepping into your Power’.

It is taking the limitless potential that exist in the place of expanded consciousness and authorizing its laws on this Earthly plane.

This becomes your Why.

Why is this important?

You take actions every day.

For some of you this may be inaction.

This is still a choice.

Your actions are based on the thoughts you have and the feelings your thoughts create.

Your actions are a direct reflection of how you resist, avoid or respond to your feelings.

If you spend your energy taking actions to resist or avoid your feelings you are not cultivating Power.

However, If you invest your energy by responding to your feelings and aligning with the thought that is creating it you become empowered.

(Remember the mind is where you access expanded consciousness or Spirit.  It is also where all your thoughts, stories, belief and ideas about how the world works reside.  Through conscious thought work you keep this sacred space clear - and your ability to live a spirit led life alive.)

From this place you can take consistent action from a clear mind.

This cultivates Power, which will continue to serve you in creating the life you desire.

How do I integrate Power in to my Life in this way?

By staying clear on your Purpose, 

Harnessing a Vision,

Cultivating the energy, or Vibration, to support your Vision,

Setting a clear Intention

and taking Action.

By taking action in this way 

you embody the what and why of your purpose.

This opens you up to receive your Power.

It is awesome to take action from this place.

When you channel Universal energy in this way and align with your power

You can do anything,

I promise.

Join me next week as I describe moving your power forward through Transformation

and into Truth.



Matching Vibration - The West direction on 'The Wheel'


What is Vibration?

The oscillating, reciprocating, or other periodic motion of a rigid or elastic body or medium forced from a position or state of equilibrium. -

When expanded consciousness is accessed with the intention of receiving information, or a Vision, Vibration comes in with it.  

Essentially, Vibration is the effect you feel in your body when you connect to expanded consciousness, or Spirit.  

As Spirit offers information, or Vision, you receive a Knowing that bears Vibration.  

From here, Vibration activates a clarity of process. 

What does Vibration feel like?

Your physical body has a sensation which is often expressed as a full body knowing (goosebumps, surging power, instantaneous stillness and calm).  

As this sensation courses through your body, 

you are prompted to create emotions that support the venerable power of the Vibration.

How does it serve me?

Vibration is intimately connected to Vision and without it, your Vision would remain only a dream.

It requires Vibration from expanded consciousness to bring it to life.  

Vibration is the spark that ignites your desires.

Together, Vibration and Vision form Intention.  

Intention brings the What of your Purpose to the forefront of your consciousness.  

Intention is an aim that guides action.

How do I access Vibration?

You are in contact with Vibration already.  

The thoughts and, therefore, emotions you create to support Vibration will trigger the Vibration when those emotions are felt.

It is easily accessed this way because of our emotional bodies ability to create energetic pathways.  

Like neural pathways in the brain, the more they are used, the more they fire automatically.  

Because Vibration comes from Spirit, when you feel it you feel this expanded consciousness.  

But most of us do this unconsciously.  

Sometimes you feel really good.  

You can’t explain it.  

There is a euphoria and an expansiveness as you experience a lifting of your energy and an emotional waterfall that cascades purity, truth and connection.

I want to teach you to do this consciously.

This requires you to be aware of your thoughts and choose the ones that give you the feelings you want as you move forward in your life.

How can I harness the power of Vibration?

When you receive your Vision and access the Vibration that accompanies it it becomes yours.  

The way you personalize it and make it a part of your emotional body is to create throughs that support your vision.  

This, in turn, will create emotions that are born directly from Spirit.

Like you create thoughts, ideas and beliefs that support your knowing, these also support the feelings you get to have as you move forward.  

Vibration is the essence of these emotions.

By consciously choosing thoughts and feelings on purpose, you are creating an Intention that is connected to Spirit.

You become unstoppable.

You begin to know that you can do anything.

You become the Vibration.

What then?

Vision married to Vibration creates Intention.

Vibration married to Power (the south direction on ‘The Wheel’) creates Integration.

As you step into your Power you take action from this place of

conscious thought and emotion that flow straight from your Vision.

Integration means bringing the Vision into actuality by taking action.

Your Why is the integration.

You just need to love your Why.


Next week I will go into more depth on Power - the South direction on 'The Wheel' 




Receiving Vision - The East Direction of 'The Wheel'


What is Vision?

The ability or an instance of great perception, especially of future developments.

Where does Vision come from?  

Vision is a blueprint offered from Spirit and the place of Expanded Consciousness.

Vision comes into your mind as pure potential. 

What makes Vision significant?

Vision received from Spirit embodies limitless potential by virtue of the blueprint’s origin in expanded consciousness.  

As it comes into our own consciousness this potential forms a trifecta:

a knowing that creates

a vibration that fuels an

instantaneous clarity of a linear process.

This is Vision.

(I’ll go into each of these cornerstones in a bit)

How does Vision become a part of my consciousness or Mind?

It already is a part of your Mind,

But are you conscious of it?

You are already living out a Vision.  

Look at what you are creating in your life and you will see the results of your Vision.

If you want to create different results, you need to choose different thoughts that better support your Vision.

I’m asking you to question what you believe to be true and entertain the possibility that there is another truth that may serve you better.

Through self inquiry, compassion and curiosity you will develop the ability to be aware of what lives in your mind. 

This is Consciousness.

When you are able to choose what is in your mind - the landscape which is designed by the repeating thoughts you have - You will be more free to create your vision.

You become open to what Spirit offers.   

The Cornerstones of Vision:


When you receive a Vision you adopt a knowing that comes from expanded consciousness.  

Your mind begins to translate this knowing into thoughts, beliefs and stories.

Each thought that you choose and build around this Vision are what will make it so in your life.

This is how Vision takes shape and why it is often honored as a gift or unique skill.

Visionaries are willing to doing things unconventionally.

In Fact, if you are pressing up against belief systems, stories, thoughts and ideas that are in conflict with your Vision

it is an indicator that you need to integrate thought work into the process. 

From this place you can create new ways of thinking, and therefore living, that support your Vision.


This is how you know that something is alive for you.  

You feel it.  

Something is asking to come through you and you feel it’s power.

Will you accept this or resist it?

With thought comes feeling.  

When your consciousness integrates the knowing into your mind it automatically creates a feeling.  

Emotions can paralyze, shut down, and destroy Vision. 

They can also empower, motivate and inspire Action.

Really, it’s up to you to decide how you want to feel.

(I will go into Vibration more next week)


When you look at Vision from a place of limitless possibility there are no obstacles.

You may have experienced this as an insight, an a-ha moment, an epiphany, a stroke of genius.

It all becomes very clear.

From this place of clarity you get to choose supporting thoughts 

and the vibration to fuel Your Vision.

This is Intention.

Intention becomes the What of your Vision.  

You could say that Your Intention is the title to the piece of art you are creating:  

Your Life. 

Once again my Friend, it is imperative to know what is happening in your mind.


Thought creates emotion.

Your mind contains your thoughts: conscious and unconscious.

Your thoughts create a feeling: a vibration that you are either willing or unwilling to feel.

This relationship between your thoughts and your feelings creates an Intention

This is the embodiment of the blueprint you received from Spirit.

Why Integrate this type of Vision?

Vision creates the opportunity to get very clear on what it is you desire, your values and your thoughts.  In this way Vision fully supports your Purpose - Why You are Here.

When you receive a Vision from Spirit it’s potency is palpable.

Most of us don’t know that everything we need to bring this Vision into fruition comes in with the Vision.

We are the endless possibilities.

It becomes challenging when we continue to choose thoughts, emotions and actions that are counteractive to the Vision.

The Vision is just a Vision.

Everything else is in your mind.

All your beliefs, thoughts and stories about yourself and your life.

But when you examine the landscape of your mind through intentional thought work, you begin to notice the thoughts, beliefs and stories that live there and are on repeat. 

You can change these.

Either you change them from a place of empowerment or you continue to suffer with them from a place of victimhood.

You get to choose.

Vision is the What of your Desires.

So now the question is:

What do you want?


Connecting to Spirit - The Center of 'The Wheel'

Why Spirit?

Spirit offers Purpose.

For me, knowing what my purpose is feels really good.

There were times in my life when I “forgot” my purpose.

And times I re-membered.

Why is it so touch and go?

What got in the way?

(I’ll elaborate on that below).

Every time I forgot my Purpose I felt lost.  

By reconnecting to Spirit I re-membered why I was here.

Eventually, I stopped “forgetting”.  

I no longer just re-membered.

I began to Follow Spirits guidance.

And this is how I began to resolve my human experience:

I am a spiritual being inhabiting a human body.

I chose to come here.

I came with gifts to share with this world.

Who are you? 

What is it that you’re here to Do?

How will you?

Why do it? 

These are answered by connecting to Spirit and defining your purpose

The quality of your Relationship with Spirit will determine the clarity of Your Purpose.

What is Spirit?

Spirit is defined as: the principle of conscious life; the vital principle in humans, animating the body or mediating between body and soul.

Spirit is: 

Greater Consciousness, God, Higher Power, Higher Self (just to name a few): these are all appropriate designations.  I will use some of these interchangeably. 

How do you access Spirit?

Beyond the functioning of the brain; the neurophysiological process - is the Mind.

The mind is our human faculty to which we ascribe thought, beliefs and ideas. It is one of the non-physical aspects of being human. The mind is separate from the brain and occupies space within, as well as, without the body and between our bodies.

Far beyond the brain yet through the mind is a bridge into Greater Consciousness or Spirit.

This bridge is where I will guide you.

The mind and Spirit:  

The mind is designed to expand beyond itself.  This expansion permeates the Spiritual Dimension or Greater Consciousness. This journey beyond the mind takes us out of thought and everything associated with thinking (beliefs, ideas, stories). It is an exploration into a space of endless possibility. 

Exercising this expansion and experiencing this space as your own is the key to connecting with Spirit.

Integrating these experiences into your conscious mind is how you can begin to tend to a relationship with Spirit.

You will know Spirit is showing up in your conscious life because you will build more self awareness.  

Creating a deeper awareness of Self by observing how you do or do not expand beyond your mind is a powerful lesson in personal thought management. 

Simply put, one can more effectively surpass the limitations of the mind and expand into Greater Consciousness by becoming aware of and consciously choosing thoughts that serve their Purpose.

This is the bridge, my Friend

(and what kept getting in the way of my connection to Spirit)

I am no way am suggesting that this is a simple and easy task. 

For many of you it will be Very Hard.

But I believe, without a shred of doubt, that by digging into this deep work of self reflection and conscious thought creation you are releasing latent energy and creating space in your life to have a deep and meaningful relationship with Spirit.

Not to mention with yourself and everyone in your life who sees you.

Because you have chosen a fallible Human Experience it may be challenging to bridge this gap between your Mind and your Higher Self or Spirit.  

Let it be Challenging and do it anyways. This is the work, my friend.

Here are a few of the indicators that your mind is getting in the way:

-    If your mind is full of thoughts that contradict your values, goals and dreams

-    If you are unconscious of why you do what you do and therefore lack personal             responsibility for your actions and your life.

-    If you identify with being a Victim, if you blame other people or circumstances and if you         have expectations that others behave a certain way so that you can feel better.

The Space in your mind needs to be clear, clean and inviting.

From here Living a Spirit Led Life is more possible. 

From here you get to create the endless possibilities in your life.

I want to invite you to open up to the possibility that you can access this Greater Consciousness through your mind.  

I want to invite you to commit to building your self awareness through observing and owning  your thought patterns. Only from this place can you change them.

Here you develop a relationship with Spirit (or better yet re-member that you are, in fact, Greater Consciousness) and expand more often into this knowing.

Thank you for joining me.

With LOVE,

Next week I will write about Vision.

-    How the relationship we have with Spirit strengthens our ability to receive blueprints of         Vision

-    How receiving Vision is the foundation for living with powerful intention

-    How to Bring Who you are and What you Do forward in your Life





An Invitation

How do you know you are living a Spirit Led Life?

You are aware you have a purpose

And may even know what that is.

You feel connected to a higher power

And tend to the relationship.

You act on your dreams

And you serve.

But Something is amiss.

As you walk on the Earth in this human form it often feels difficult to be


Sometimes you express your power

and sometimes you don’t.


“I am human and subject to the laws of this time and place,”

You say.

“I am not perfect,”

You remind me.

And I say this:

We fall into habits and patterns of mind, body and emotion.

We allow our humanness to dictate our journey.


It is your Spirit that has chosen to commit to this journey.

It is your Spirit who will show you the Laws of This Universe if you let it.

So move out of the way.

RE-member why you came here.

You are who we have been waiting for.





Hey YOU!

There will be more….

Each week for the next 6 weeks I am going to be sharing a piece of the puzzle to how you can 

Live a Spirit Led Life.

I am in a time and place on this Earth where my Spirit has woken up even more to the possibilities….

I have been connecting more deeply and clearly with my Spirit Team and have been receiving powerful information to share with you.

I am asking you to show up with me.

Bring the intention of discovering what is possible for you.



Microdosing #3

I am a Mom.  Times 3.

Parenting, by far, is the role that offers me the greatest opportunities to work on myself.

It is Big Work.

Sometimes I loose my shit.

More often, however, I stretch to a previously unknown place of calm and compassion, patience and observation.

Shame, Guilt and Pain all give way to Love, Connection and Inspiration.

Around and around again up the spiral I evolve in my awareness.

Parenting is the fast track to, well, whatever you choose.

For me, deeper Self Awareness is the result of any choice I make.  

This is my purpose - and choices in parenting are no exception.

Last week we went on a road trip to visit family in California.  

There is nothing like taking an already Big Job on the road to have an even Bigger Experience.

Our first leg of the journey was in Sacramento.  

As we were departing late one morning to take the kids to FairyTale Town (basically the funnest and biggest playground we’ve ever been to with lots of classic fairytale themed “play structures” amongst grass, trees and paved walkways) I thought about what it was that I wanted to explore during this adventure.

What came up for me was this:

The desire to connect with other parents around this idea of Big Work.

I microdosed right before we left.

This is what opened up for my consciousness:

I know what Big Work parenting is for me.  

I know what Big Work parenting is for my community of friends and the families where I live because we engage in an ongoing conversation about it.  

I know what Big Work parenting is in our society as there are thousands of books written on the topic.  

So even though I’ve never connected with THESE families personally through the Big Work of parenting, I feel that we share this immense, interpersonal journey through parenting. 

But no one seems to be acknowledging this.

Here, at Fairytale Town, we are all doing such Big Work, The Biggest, hardest work EVER.  

And we are all here today and there will never be another day like today that we are all here doing this Big Work TOGETHER, 

but we are not talking about it.  

I see you - you see me, 

but there seems to be no acknowledgment of the efforts / sacrifice / deep self work that we are doing.

This is kinda blowing my mind.

I want to connect.

I watch and celebrate as my children successfully go up the stairs and slide down the slide in “The Old Woman’s Shoe’.  

They navigate the social rules and push the edges of their comfort zone.  

I notice the other children doing this and I celebrate their success too.   

I notice the parents juggling the responsibilities of parenting, like me.

“You are doing such Big Work,” I say. 

“I see you and I am proud of you and happy that we are doing this together.”

I am connecting.

I am acknowledging.

I continue to sink into the consciousness of our shared experience as Parents and this Big Work.

I notice the quality of engagement that is present in each parent I encounter:

With their Children and with Me.

Some people make eye contact and smile.  

There is a warmth of body language, a comfort in the space that they hold.  

There is a flow and connection. We talk and acknowledge the Big Work.

Others hang their heads low, there is a wall around them.  

There is no eye contact, no smiles.  

No connection.

We do not share a dialogue. 

I lean in.

I let it just Be.

The Elephant isn’t getting smaller, but it is more comfortable now that I’ve approached it and placed a gentile hand on its leathery, cool skin.

The Elephant is me.

My thoughts.

My Beliefs.

My consciousness expands further.

Each of my observations of how others respond to their children 

and to me and my desire to connect mimic how we all respond at any given time: 

as parents and as individuals.

I know how Big parenting is and what can come up for me, individually, during the course of a day as I parent.  

I observe myself fall all over the spectrum day to day, hour to hour.

Connect / Disconnect.  Warm / Cold.  Open / Closed.

I am able to understand the gamut of energy that I see here in this microcosm at Fairytale Town.  Underneath the story that each of us is attempting to portray is the plain truth.  I see it.  

We are brought to our knees. 

It is Hard. 

Sometimes it is ugly.  

Can we just let it be ugly? 

We are brought to our knees.  

It is Joyous.  

Sometimes it is Beautiful.  

Can we just let it be beautiful? 

I am all of this.  

You are all of this.  

We are all of this shared crazy, wonderful, hard experience of Parenting.  

Through microdosing I observed my previously held beliefs:

“If I observe you in harmony than you are a good parent.  If I observe you in discord then you are a bad parent.”

Observations are factual.  

What you make your observations mean are your Thoughts. 

Thoughts are NOT factual. Beliefs are thoughts you have over and over. 

I was able to see what feelings these beliefs created

“I either feel connected to you or separate from you.”

Based on these feelings I have action or in-action

“If I feel connected to you, then I will continue to connect with you.  If I feel separate from you, then I will continue to be separate from you.”

These actions and in-actions create the result of connection or separation, which proves the original thought.

“I talk with you because I think you are a good parent and I feel connected to you.”

“I avoid talking with you because I think you are a bad parent and I feel separate from you.”

But my intention was to connect with parents.  


I expanded more. 

I saw how debilitating this outdated belief was and I wanted to change it. 

I desired to take this new self awareness and move it up.

Instead I saw you as me.  

I loved you and celebrated you as me.  

I saw you where you were and didn’t judge that place - just simply observed.  

I acknowledged the Big Work you are doing and even if you don’t engage with me it didn’t mean you are less worthy of praise and acknowledgment.   

I want to connect with you.

I see you, I love you and I celebrate you.

These beliefs felt better - they allowed for connection, compassion and expansion;

Feelings I want to have!  

This lead to the actions for speaking words that reflected my new observations and corresponding feelings, which resulted in the new thought: 

New thoughts:

“I see you as me”.

“We are One.”

New feelings:

Love, Compassion and Support

New Action:


New Result:

I feel connected to Parents

I left Fairytale Town feeling more connected.

I was able to track and do this Big Work on myself because of, not in spite of, my cannabis consumption.  

I Was able to track my thoughts / feelings and turn them into actions / results clearly and consciously.  

Before if I had chosen to consume Cannabis I would have most likely overshot it and become self conscious of my thoughts - not conscious of my Self. 

I would have stopped me from taking action and getting the results - which needs to be integrated in to the thought / feeling process to bring it full circle.

Through microdosing I have successfully cleared road blocks that have previously kept me from taking action in areas of my life that would potentially bring the result I want.

Self consciousness has given way to Consciousness of Self.

Fear, Doubt and Avoidance has dissolved. 

I am more Curious, Confident and Engaged.

If you are interested in seeing how microdosing can improve your relationship with your Self and inspire you to get the results you want, sign up to be a Focus Group participant!

Go to our website at

go to the Focus Group page

and SIGN UP!

We are looking for individuals aged 21 and over to offer feedback in exchange for free products and services.

Sign up NOW

This could be the first step to amazing self discovery.

Lots of Love,




Microdosing #2

I started Microdosing cannabis recently.  

Here is why:

Many ailments can be treated with small amounts of cannabis:

This is an excerpt from an article written by Adam Hoffman that I found on the Leafly website:

“When you raise the dose sometimes you get diminished benefits, and sometimes you get the opposite of what you are looking for,” says Dustin Sulak, an osteopathic physician based in Maine who treats many of his patients with small doses of cannabis. For example, while a little cannabis can help reduce anxiety, too much can actually cause it.

What Medical Conditions Lend Themselves to Microdosing With Cannabis?

According to Sulak, patients are now turning to microdosing in order to treat conditions such as depression, stress, anxiety, pain, and to help improve focus and promote sleep.

After my personal experience I started to read article after article about the benefits of micro dosing. 

I’d like to add to what I’ve read.

I believe the reason why micro dosing is so effective is because it opens up our consciousness just enough to allow the different aspects of our beings (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical) to interact and balance out.  

Stay with me here:

Think about our Structure.  Our Soul (spiritual) is housed within our body (physical) which is made up of systems that work interdependently and seamlessly in their purpose to maintain the most efficient health and wellbeing.  One of these systems is the nervous system, which houses the most powerful tool on the planet - your brain (mental). Our pre frontal cortex is what separates us as humans from other beings that inhabit physical space on this earthly dimension. As your body exists on this plane of physical space (through a contract your soul made) your brain creates itself a reality based on the thoughts you have.  This is so the soul can have a grounding point. The result of this creation of reality are feelings (emotional) that defines our personal human experience by giving us information to make choices on our path in life.  

When one of these aspects of the self are “off” or affected by dis-ease, it has an effect on the rest of the Structure. The circumstances of this are natural and nature can usually take care of itself.  However, with the collective consciousness at work we, as humans, tend to disengage with our truth and subscribe to the stories that have been indoctrinated into our society.  Often times this results in a further decline of health and well being, until we are only a fraction of our potential and life holds little or no value.

What microdosing allows is for is a sweet spot where our ego softens just a bit and our inner wisdom speaks through the clouds of conditioning.  Here is an entire universe where information  is available that can aid us in making choices that are for the greatest benefit to us.

Here is a personal example:  

I am sore.  

My lower back is tight from carrying my baby and sleeping in a bad position.  

It is making work difficult because sitting at the computer exasperates the pain.  

I begin to feel agitated because I can’t get my work done. 

and I also can’t seem to get a break from carrying the baby. 

I want a day off! 

I want a massage! 

I Micro Dose.

After a few minutes I hear the voice in my head say, “Lay Down”.

For some reason I didn’t think this was possible. 

I was about to work, the baby is sleeping.  

I lay down.

I can sense the tension in my body.  

I ask myself to relax.

Anything seems possible.

I begin to take deep breathes.  Long deep breathes, over and over.

I have this tool, but I never use it?!

I see the breathe enter my body and search for areas of tension.

It bumps up against the pain in my back.  

I continue to breathe and relax and the tension actually begins to shift and dissolve.

My heart is opening.

A tear forms in the corner of one eye.

I love my Baby.

I love him so much.

I can’t believe how much he has changed, 

how much I have changed.  

How in less than a year, 

I have witnessed a being grow from a dependent newborn 

in to a bubbling charmer who moves freely and independently. 

I lay in meditation 

and allow the warm, expanding feeling of deep love and gratitude to wash over me.

After a few minutes I give thanks.

I get up and stretch.

I feel SO much better.

I don’t work.  

Instead I do a few yoga poses and draw a hot bath.

Holy shit, this is so amazing.

I stay in the bath for 30 minutes.

I am beyond relaxed, grateful and in Love with Life.

My baby wakes up.

I nurse him with all my being.

I start dinner.

I watch with awe my husband play with the kids.

The only thing that has changed is EVERYTHING.

How is this?

I believe it is the Universe within each of us opening up and interacting with itself in a way that we get to witness and observe.  We are invited to make choices based on the curiosity and natural trust we came into this world with, but have forgotten.  

Micro Dosing allows for the opening and softening as well as allowing us to maintain our cognitive recognition and functioning so that we can integrate the experience.  It’s all the aspects of our being: mental, spiritual, physical, emotional - to work in alignment with the support of our consciousness.



Microdosing #1

I now know that I overdosed on cannabis most of my life.

I grew up in the central valley of California in the early 90’s.  Before I had a consistent connection with a friend who lived in Humboldt, I could only get my hands on weed that came from Mexico.

It was not quality cannabis.

The Humboldt Green was always an amazing treat and my relationship with cannabis really grew after discovering Her in this way.

This was the cannabis our Earth intended.

So for a few years it was back and forth using cannabis that literally fell on opposite ends of the quality spectrum.

Back to adolescence:

Purchasing and consuming cannabis was often a group activity.

And the premise was, “How high can we get?”

Often times, for me,  the result was not very fun - or productive.  

But I chose to believe this was fun and I didn’t need to be productive…so it continued.

Sometimes, however,  there was a different experience.

And it looked like this:

I was alone with my stash and stopped just at one toke.

Or it was a time of scarcity and there was only a teeny tiny amount between the group.

I opted to take the filtered smoke from my friends mouth.

And Held it in for as long as I could.

I felt it.

In a subtle, but transformative way.

I was labeled: “Light weight”. “Sensitive”.

What were these very pleasant and very introspective moments?

I was micro dosing.

I attribute these moments - fewer than I would like to admit among the slur of consciousness numbing experiences that were more common - to attaining the “sweet spot” that micro dosing can offer.

Where the ego softens and the conscious mind can look inward and observe.

Most importantly, the conscious mind can remember what it observed.

How wonderful and calm and peaceful it all was with just a small toke.

Then I would go back into pack mentality and smoke the joints and bong loads and go way beyond the “sweet spot”.

I was young. 

I did not know what I know now about cannabis; my own endocannabinoid system, strains, ingestion methods, etc.

I no longer overdose. 

In fact after taking a long break from consuming any cannabis I’m consuming again.

But just a drop at a time.