You have created a life that is more than comfortable; you are thriving. 

You make time to enjoy the things you love, you have discovered your life’s purpose and your work reflect this. 

You prosper in thought, emotion and spirit. 

You value the highest quality products and place utmost regard to Our Mother Earth.

You are our Client.

We are thriving.  We Love our Farm: Our Home.  We relish in the time and space that we raise our children in, play in and work from.  Our purpose has been clear for a long time:  To work with the Earth and Spirit to cultivate the highest quality, organic medicine possible.  We live here, behind the Redwood Curtain because of the abundance of high quality, organic goods available to us - grown and raised by our friends and neighbors. We are networked into the vast healing and spiritual community here and tend to our relationships as such.  We Love and Respect our Mother Earth and our Farming practices reflect that.  We invite you to try our products and you will know for yourself.

Each year we are guided to grow a variety of strains on our Farm.  Some are time tested and have evolved to reflect the magic that is afforded to the plant in our unique microclimate.  Some strains have been shared by another grower who is curious on how it will do here on our Farm.  We have THC dominant as well as CBD dominant strains.  Each plant is meticulously cared for from cloning to harvest, grown in a manner that is least impactful to the environment and healthiest for you, our Client.  Our plants are grown in hoop frames in grow bags filled with the highest quality organic soil, amended on site using pure organic materials.  We hand water and connect to each plant listening to its needs on a daily basis.  We brew compost teas to water into the pots as well as for a foliar spray.  We also use whole food nutrients to add a boost to the plants so that their potential is maximized to deliver their full potency of medicine.  Our plants thrive here in our unique microclimate; we are 6 miles from the pacific coast at 1,000 feet elevation.  The salt air, more humid and temperate growing conditions may be a challenge, but this is what also makes our product so powerful.  You will experience nothing like it any where else.

We won’t confuse you with a wide variety of products.  We like to keep it simple so you can spend more time doing what you love and less time making decisions.  We have made finding the perfect strain for your needs easy and straightfowrard.  

We believe that you are the expert on your life, your body and what is the best product for You.  We will only offer information about our products based on our knowledge and experience.  We invite you to experiment with the different products we offer to see what is best for you and your unique needs and circumstances.  

There is nothing more satisfying than witnessing a client experiencing what we produce as the best product they have ever had.  We want to share this experience with you over and over again. We love to show our friends and family around our farm, share our dreams and plans for the future over a great walk, meal or libation.  We value connection and presence.  We value you. If you only want the highest quality products and need to know where and how they are grown you have come to the right place.  We are your Cannabis Farm.

Your future self will thank you for making the best decision about your cannabis use.  There is nothing in our products except the highest quality medicine grown in the highest quality conditions and Love. Let us know why you value high quality products here.